Molestation is a serious issue that most woman must have faced at some point of time in their lives. But what if a man gets molested by men? Well, that’s what happened with comedian Ali Asgar during a wedding in Delhi.
The comedian, who is known for his role of Kapil Sharma’s dadi, shared his ordeal about being molested by drunk men.
Ali recounted the story of the unfortunate evening at a Delhi wedding. “Wherever I go for such shows, I don’t let the anchor announce my name,” he said. “I just enter as Dadi.” He said that when he arrived at the wedding, “people were already drunk.”
And then he was attacked. A female colleague of his had to intervene to get him off stage. “I had a question then,” Ali continued. “Did they not realise that I was a man dressed as a woman? And even if they did, I was playing an old lady. Have they no shame?”
“I am comfortable playing a female character, but as a performer I want to balance my roles,” he said. Ali will next be seen in Kanpur Wale Khuranas, comedian Sunil Grover’s upcoming sketch comedy show, in which he will also play a female character. He said that playing women has affected his career, as he is often offered similar roles.