Esha Deol addressed the trolling she faced for her video promoting Tusshar Kapoor’s new book Bachelor Dad. She sang a modified version of their song Kyaa Dil Ne Kahaa and urged everyone to give it a read. While she shared the clip on Instagram last month, it recently gained traction, with many criticising her off-key singing.

In an interview, Esha admitted that she is ‘not a good singer’ and said that she wanted to do something out-of-the-box. She added that she was ‘not trying to showcase (her) vocal talent at all’.

Speaking to India Today, Esha said, “I am so surprised that it has come out now. I shot it in December for Tusshar when the pre-orders were being taken (for his book Bachelor Dad) and people have woken up late to it. Comments are mixed. Some think that I am a great friend, which I am. Some people think I shouldn’t sing, which I totally agree with. I never…

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