For the past three months, fans have been speculating on the name of Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi’s son. And the actor has finally let the cat out of the bag exclusively for us, revealing that they call him Guriq Singh Dhupia Bedi.

“We are happy and extremely proud that we attach both our names with our son and daughter’s (Mehr) name. There you go, three months later, now you know what we call him,” Dhupia tells us.

Opening up about the meaning of the name, she explains, “Guriq means one with God. One from God and saviour of the world. It is a different name and we love it, even the spelling is beautiful and unusual. The credit for the name goes to the mother, and the credit for the spelling goes to the father [Angad].”

Guriq is the couple’s second child, born in October last year. The actor confesses that they had several options for the name, and the search to find…

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