Actor Gauahar Khan asked a Twitter user to ‘stop inciting hate’ after she talked about Hindus and Muslims having separate personal laws in India and batted for a Uniform Civil Code. Gauahar said that India is a democracy and no one could ban Muslims from ‘having (their) rights’.

The Uniform Civil Code calls for one set of laws for all Indian citizens, governing matters such as marriage, property and inheritance. Currently, different religions follow different personal laws based on their scriptures and customs.

“Outside world doesn’t know that India still has separate family laws for Hindus and Muslims. Hindus have to abide by secular code. Muslims can have 4 wives and ban education for their wives and girls in the name of Sharia. #UniformCivilCode has to apply to ALL Indians,” a Twitter user wrote.

Hitting back at her, Gauahar wrote, “Hey loser! I’m a Muslim, and…

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