Prayers have a therapeutic effect, says actor Gauahar Khan, who has been praying for a corona free world. The most beautiful thing is that you can pray for anyone — family, friends, strangers, she says. “The beauty of prayers is you pray for your loved ones, ones who are less fortunate than you are, people who are in bad health, people who are in war-stricken countries, you have to pray for everyone to be okay for you to be okay. For me, praying for others is more important than praying for myself,” says Gauahar.

She says, having a connection with God is important for her, and that’s what she has been trying to strengthen during the pandemic. “I expect forgiveness and mercy that He can have on me, as we knowingly or unknowingly do lot of wrongs,” she says.

Khan also believes that miracles do happen and if the intent is pure, God never lets you down. “Miracles are something you’re not expecting and yet they take place. The intent ought to be good, the wish has to come from an honest space, and I feel all prayers do get answered, not like the way you had imagined but in a form that is best for you, which you realise later in life,” she says.

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