Google adds animations for Friends characters for 25th anniversary

Popular American sitcom Friends will celebrate 25 years of its airing on 22 September. Ahead of its silver jubilee, Google paid tribute to the TV show with Easter eggs for each Friends character.

You can find the Easter eggs in the Google Search results for all the characters. After typing the name of the character on Google Search, you’ll find an interactive icon in the information card. You can click or tap on the icon to discover the easter egg for each character.

Searching Phoebe Buffay will display a guitar icon in the information card, clicking on plays her famous ‘Smelly Cat’ with an animated smelly cat walking around the screen.


On searching David Schwimmer’s character, Ross Geller, you will see a sofa. Clicking it plays the famous ‘Pivot!’ dialogue while actually pivoting the Google Search results. Further, the couch breaks into half with Ross ultimately saying, ‘Ok, I don’t think it’s gonna pivot anymore.’

Ross’ sister Monica Geller (played by Courteney Cox) gets a bucket and sponge, a nudge to her obsessive compulsive character trait.

Google has put Rachel Greene’s haircut in the search result, for those wanting to get it.

Matt LeBlanc’s character Joey gets the pizza icon, clicking on which plays the line from the show: Joey doesn’t share food!

Finally, on searching Chandler Bing, you will find the couch icon. Clicking on this will reveal a chick and a duck, inducing a nostalgia to the third season of the series.

Google also has also curated a special glossary dedicated to words and phrases used in Friends. Just search for ‘Friends glossary’ and you’ll see definitions of words like ‘moo point’, ‘noodle soup’, ‘woopah, and ‘on a break’.