“These are strong and resilient people. They don’t see themselves as a charity case.”

With that one sentence, New York-based director Chivas DeVinck showed he had more understanding of the residents of White Pine County, Nevada than most of the Denver audience for his film, “The Great Basin.”

In 2016, DeVinck was taking the scenic road from California to New York along the “Loneliest Road in America,” middle Nevada’s US-50. After chatting with the locals at a gas station near the Utah state line in Ely, Nevada, he knew he wanted to return to tell their story.

“And these are people who are desperate to have their stories told.”

And so he returned in January and February of 2020, to let them tell their stories.

Most prominently featured is Hank Vogler, a local sheep rancher, leading a decades-long fight against a pipeline that would take much of the…

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