Known for her power packed performances in TV serials, Dalljiet Kaur recalls that she fondly celebrated the festival of Gurpurab with her family. “Since Gurpurab takes place a few days after Diwali, as kids, we used to save more than half of our firecrackers for Gurpurab. Like Diwali, we used to dress up in new clothes and then visit the Gurdwara to offer prayers. I have numerous beautiful memories of the day. I look back and cherish how I spent that day with my parents,” says the actor.

“Gurpurab was actually like the second Diwali for us. We used to burst crackers and glance at the sparkly sky all night,” she adds.

This year also, the actor visited the gurudwara to offer prayers along with her son Jaydon.

Speaking about the significance of celebrating festivals and reciting the name of the Almighty, Dalljiet Kaur says that it instills righteousness in an individual. “When a person takes the name of the Lord, he intends to do good deed,” the TV actor says.

It’s rightly said that children are like wet clay that can be molded in any shape. What we learn as children stays with us forever. Dalljiet Kaur recalls how her father taught her to be thankful for everything she has. She says, “My father is very religious and he taught us to say ‘thank you’ for all that we had. Be grateful for being alive, being able to earn, the food we eat and everything else.”

“On our visits to the gurdwaras, my father told us to thank the Lord for what he has given us before we ask him for anything. This is what is written in the Guru Granth Sahib – recite names, do good deeds,” she says.

Peace and harmony has always been a part of Sikhism. “Our faith motivates us to do good karma and protect the weak. We must keep these values alive,” she says.

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