Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, who believes that the #MeToo movement has been “as eye-opening and devastating as it has been exhilarating”, will galvanise people into action and into a redemption of rights long awaited for the disempowered. This, she believes, may seem complex, but can be achieved in a simple way.
As guest editor for Thrive Global India’s online portal, Sonam has penned a forthright note on how people must learn to deal with the #MeToo wave in which people in powerful positions are being called out for sexually harassing, exploiting or violating others.
The actress wrote, “Recently, in response to the news of an actor accused of harassment, I heard a woman say, “Woh toh bohot handsome ladka hai, usko kyu karna padega? (He is a handsome guy why did he need to do this?). This, sadly, reflects the attitude triumphing in our society over and above believing the survivor. Yes, a person is innocent until proven guilty but must it come at the cost of rejecting a survivor’s account? Defenders of the status quo will try their utmost to discredit women’s stories and undermine this movement.”
She added, “Misogynists will blame the victims, powerful men will deploy powerful legal teams to intimidate their accusers, and some will use this movement for their own gains with false claims. While people must be treated as innocent until proven guilty, we need to remember that women are taking on incredible personal risk and trauma to tell their stories. We owe them, at the least, our trust and support.”

Lastly, Sonam believes that the #MeToo movement is about “survivors and perpetrators, about making the society less misogynist, entitled and changing how we think”.
“It’s time to transform the naysayers into supporters, to join the movement in full force and oppose every act – even a suggestion – of abuse and discrimination.”