Herschelle Gibbs shares Alia Bhatt's GIF, says 'I have no idea who the lady is'

Alia Bhatt’s double role as actress and umpire when Herschelle Gibbs doesn’t recognize her wins the internet for the day

Former South African cricketer Herschelle Gibbs, in a bid to thank Twitter for ‘liking’ his tweet’ posted a gif of famous Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt on Monday.

The gif showed Alia Bhatt mouthing the words “thank you” while animated hearts flew like bubbles around her, as she folded her hand in a gesture of gratitude.

Twitter users and cricket fans, especially from India, took to comments to ask Gibbs if he was aware of who the girl in his gif was, to which he surprisingly answered with a negative response.

As a user asked him, “Do you know Alia ??, he nonchalantly responded with, “I have no idea who this lady is.”

The hilarious thread ensued when Gibbs, on Sunday, posted a feel-good tweet and consequently, Twitter ‘liked’ it.

He, in turn, replied with a gif, celebrating this gesture from them. His ignorance about the star actress of Dear Zindagi and Raazi among several other films invited Twitter users to school him about the same.

Alia Bhatt like a good sport, resorted to yet another gif to have the final say in the matter. She posted her own, in which she is gesturing a boundary in what can be called an emulation of an umpire on the field.

Damage control was not far behind as Gibbs quickly replied to her!

Gibbs faced memes, trolls and witty comebacks from defensive Alia fans soon enough. On the other hand, some users brought back her embarrassing stint on Koffee With Karan when she involuntarily blurted out “Prithviraj Chauhan” as the answer to “Who is the President of India?”. Some others sought her boyfriend, Ranbir Kapoor’s intervention on the matter.

Meanwhile, Alia has received critical acclaim for her roles in Gully Boy and Raazi with three movies waiting to be released in 2020, BrahmastraSadak 2 and RRR, prompting her fans to come to her aid when the series of hilarious errors followed.