If there’s anything we’ve learned from Westerosi customs, it’s that weddings are rarely nonviolent affairs. House of the Dragon’s mid-season transition episode—the moody and well-acted “We Light the Way”—purposefully recalls moments from Game of Thrones’ notorious Red Wedding, though Dragon’s ceremony fails to hit the former’s body count. (At least, not yet.)

There’s a lot of commotion over marriage and its downfalls this episode, as we open “We Light the Way” with a welcome departure from King’s Landing, instead clomping through the verdant fields of the Vale. Lady Rhea Royce, wife of Prince Daemon, weaves a path through the hills on horseback, her rhythm smooth and exact until she encounters the hooded figure of her husband. He looms in silence as she, his Bronze Bitch, barbs him. “Have you at last come to consummate our marriage?” she demands….

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