Helaena tried to warn us. For multiple episodes of House of the Dragon now, the princess (and suspected dragon dreamer) has blurted out her prophetic warnings about “a beast beneath the boards,” stumping both her exasperated family members and the larger Dragon audience. But someone better start listening to her as the series descends further into chaos. She knew what she was murmuring about: A beast did lurk beneath the boards, and it revealed itself in spectacular (though puzzling) fashion in season 1’s penultimate episode.

In the final moments of “The Green Council,” as the usurper king Aegon II is bestowed the Conqueror’s crown before the common folk of King’s Landing, Princess Rhaenys bursts through the floors of the Dragonpit on dragonback. She wields Meleys’s tail as a ball-and-chain and the beast’s roaring maw as a ready flamethrower, likely killing several…

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