In a recent interview, the actress was asked about her take on the Me Too Movement where many women from the various industries shared their horrifying experiences of sexual harassment. However, looks like Preity Zinta’s comment on the same has been taken out of the context and the actress looks quite disappointed.
Bollywood actress Preity Zinta has been at the receiving end of the Twitterati after her comments on the Me Too movement went viral on social media. However, the actress has now said that her statements were taken out of context. Preity lashed out at the journalist on Twitter for editing her comments.
The actress tweeted, “I’m really surprised & upset that journalists like @iFaridoon take an interview & edit it to sound controversial for better traction. If I said “I wish someone had bothered me” – it meant I would have probably beaten them up if they had… Interviews taken out of context #Metoo.”

About me too movement, Preity Zinta had said, “I think It’s important that this whole Me Too Movement has started but it is also important that women use it for the right thing because there are men and women who would use the position of their power for their advantage. There are small percentage of women that are using it, and they’re diluting the movement but there are also women who have gone through all these and we have heard so many stories in the industry.”