Mismatched and Rashmi Rocket actor Kritika Bharadwaj, a Lucknowite, has tested for Covid-19 for the second time within a year but she hopes that 2022 will only bring good things for her in terms of work and health.

“The last two years have been really bad, health-wise, for a lot of people, including me and my family. But, work-wise it has been fairly good for me. I am only hoping for good things from 2022 as the second season of my show and my next big film will be released which will open more opportunities for me,” says the youngster.

Currently under home isolation, Bharadwaj says, “The second time is much milder than the first for me, so it has been going fine. I guess the anti-bodies of last time and being fully vaccinated must have neutralised the effect. My friends have been helpful in sending food and all. I hope we all get through this pandemic together very…

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