Actor Hemant Birje makes shocking confession. He admits that he was drowsy on medicines when he was driving his car which met with an accident on the Mumbai -Pune Expressway

Actor Hemant Birje, his wife Amana, and daughter Reshma are recuperating from injuries as they are taking rest in Pune. “I am alright now. Yes, I have body pain, a few injuries on my forehead. My wife is also hurt. But God has been kind that we are alive,” says Birje.

It happened so that Birje was driving to his “birth and native place” Pune from Mumbai, when his car on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway, rammed into the road divider at the Urse toll booth on Tuesday night.

Narrating the episode, Birje shares, “I had tablets for the viral fever. I was drowsy because of the medicine. Suddenly my eyes were shutting on the Express Highway. Once your close your eyes (then) right-left jo aaya usko thokte chale…

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