We have seen Akshay Kumar in a whole new avatar in the 2.0 trailer. He plays a super villain in the film and is seen sporting spikes from head to toe, long nails and big, sharp teeth. His look has been the talk of the town since the posters released. But behind that avatar lay endless hours of effort put in not just by the prosthetic team but also Akshay himself.
“It was really a hard process for me to get the prosthetics done. For almost three and a half hours, I had to sit down quietly and do nothing. Three people used to work on my body and I had to stay patient…that was tough. I would say that the whole process of prosthetics made me a much calmer and patient person.

Akshay is working with Shankar for the first time. “We used to speak in Marathi on the sets and we used to enjoy that. Shankar is a brilliant director to work with and he is a very humble man. It was so interesting to see how he would add a quirk of entertainment in any or every dialogue of our daily conversation.”
“He is a very professional person. He narrated me the whole story, the screenplay and I knew each character of the film from the beginning. I was impressed by the concept and wondered why nobody has explored the subject so far,” said Akshay
The film that reportedly had a budget of Rs 543 crore is considered the most expensive film of India made in 3D. The actor urges the audience to watch the film in 3D at the theatre.
“When you are shooting with prosthetics all over your body, the pores on your skin can’t breathe because there is no oxygen since your whole body is packed. So, for the five to six hours that I used to shoot, all the sweat used remain inside my body. When they use to remove the whole thing, I used to smell of sweat,” he explained. Clearly, Akshay Kumar knows now what a bride-to-be undergoes! 2.0 is set to release on November 29.