A video of actor Jackie Shroff is going viral on the internet. In the video, Jackie talks about how death is a part of life and nobody can run from it but accept it.

The video starts with Jackie saying, “Ma mari, baba marr gaye, bhai chale gaye, yeh sab chale gaye na ek ek. Hum log bhi chale jayenge ek din. Ab woh le ke ghoomna nahi (I lost my mother, then my father and my brother, all of them left one by one. We all will also die one day. But we should not carry it around with ourselves).”

He adds: “Teen chale gaye, teen aaye. Krishna aayi, Tiger aaya, meri aurat aayi, par meri ma chali gayi, mera bhai chala gaya mere papa chale gaye, toh balance hota hai na life mein. Ab mein chala jaunga kuch din mein or phir koi aayega, toh yeh chalta rahega bhidu, yeh chaal toh hai he (Three people left and three people came. Krishna came, Tiger came and my wife came but I also lost three…

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