Well, recently Jimin decided to visit abandoned houses situated behind their vacation mansion to try out their fears. In the recent episode of In The Soop 2 BTS ver, Jimin left ARMY in splits after he scared J-Hope. In the fourth episode, which premiered on Friday night, J-Hope and Jimin decided to visit the abandoned houses after everyone sleeps. The two held a candle and a torchlight of their phones in their hands and began exploring the place. “I didn’t think (J-Hope) would agree to this,” Jimin confessed. Also Read – BIG NEWS BTS ARMY; get ready to hoard special goodies on purchase of In the SOOP Season 2 VOD; can it get anymore exciting?

“Right now, J-Hope and I are testing our fears by walking to the back of where we live. There are four abandoned buildings in the back. We’re going up there. The lights are on in the first building, so my goal is to make it to the…

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