BTS member Jin has confirmed his military enlistment. Korean news agency Yonhap had reported that he is leaving on December 13, 2022 for Yeongchang, which is the place where fresh cadets get their initial training for five long weeks. They have a huge military academy there. After that, Kim Seokjin aka Jin will be sent to the frontline. Now, Kim Seokjin took to Weverse and said that he wanted to break the new himself but it is out so he cannot help it. BTS Jin told fans not to come to the base camp. He said that a number of people would be there for enrolment and it could get chaotic. He said he did not want ARMYs to get hurt in the chaos and it could be potentially dangerous. Also Read – BTS: Jin aka Kim Seokjin takes us through the Super Tuna journey; his unbridled excitement on catching a real bluefish tuna is unmissable

As we know, many relatives come to drop off loved ones…

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