John Cena shares meme showing Shilpa as ex-WWE wrestler, she responds

WWE star John Cena and Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s Instagram exchange is cracking up the Internet.

After sharing a special video message for Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s son, WWE wrestler and actor John Cena has now dedicated an Instagram for the actor. Cena on Friday uploaded a photograph in which Shilpa’s face had been morphed onto the body of WWE wrestler Steve Austin, better known by his ring name Stone Cold.

“Stone Cold Shilpa Shetty Kundra”, the caption read. After seeing Cena’s post, netizens got curious about his sudden love for Shilpa and her son. One user wrote: “How do you know Shilpa Shetty, John?” Another one commented, “Wow… it seems John Cena is also interested in Bollywood.”

Shilpa reposted it on her Instagram account with the caption, “This is hilarious… I certainly ‘Didn’t SEE’ this coming’ @johncena.” Actor Maniesh Paul and hair stylist Amit Thakur reacted to the post saying, “hahahahaha” in the comments section.

John often shares funny pictures on Instagram and has already declared his randomness in his bio. His Instagram bio reads, “Welcome to my Instagram. These images will be posted without explanation, for your interpretation. Enjoy.” He has posted a bunch of Bollywood stuff in the past.

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A few days ago, Shilpa’s son Viaan had appeared in a video in which he’d expressed his love for Cena. Responding to Viaan’s video, Cena sent him a video message. “Hey Viaan, this is your buddy John Cena. I saw your video and your muscles. I had to get back to the gym and start working on myself. You are enormous. I can see you singing the song, ‘My time is up, your time is now’. It’s Viaan boy, you are shining now,” Cena said in his message.

This is what we are talking about:

Shilpa had thanked John on behalf of Viaan for his special message. She shared a video of on Instagram and wrote, “John Cena’s message for Viaan Raj Kundra. OMG! My son @viaanrajkundra (7 going on 17) first solo interview expressing his love for #WWE @wweindia and #johncena. I have noooo idea how he knows soooo much !! Thank you #WWEIndia and @JohnCena for making his dream come true with that message.”

John has starred in quite a few films such as The Marine, Trainwreck and Bumblebee and is currently shooting for Fast & Furious 9.