New Disney films should come shrink-wrapped for our consumption.

After all, each glossy product arrives fresh off a conveyor belt, manufactured to wring every ounce of CGI and synergy the studio can muster.

“Jungle Cruise,” a hybrid of the “Pirates” franchise and Indiana Jones, epitomizes that approach. It’s far from terrible, mostly thanks to its colorful locales and two engaging leads. It still feels inauthentic from start to finish. Even the organic moments are hobbled by plot twists and forced bouts of whimsy.

Emily Blunt stars as Dr. Lily Houghton, the kind of screen heroine who could only exist in the 21st century. She’s tougher than most men, headstrong to a fault and she refuses to wear what proper women of her era don. In between escaping Rube Goldberg-style traps she tells strangers that their animals shouldn’t be in cages.

If not for her fear of…

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