Kabir Bedi has opened up on the death of his son Siddharth, who died in 1997 by suicide. The veteran actor spoke about how his death ‘emotionally devastated’ him and even left him with some amount of guilt. Kabir addressed how he wanted to write about his failures as well as successes in his autobiography, which prompted him to dwell upon this phase of his life as well. Also read: Kabir Bedi regrets not spending more time with his children Pooja and Siddharth

Siddharth was Kabir’s son with his first wife Protima, a classical dancer. Siddharth studied at Carnegie Mellon University in the 1990s and he was later diagnosed with schizophrenia. He died in 1997 by suicide. He was 26.

At an Aaj Tak event, Kabir spoke about his memoir Stories I Must Tell. “Whatever I have written in the book is from my heart. I have written about my tragedies in detail as well. Nobody objected to it…

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