• Kangana Ranaut in an interview has claimed that she did not know what a passport was when she was told she’d need one to travel to South Korea, to shoot her debut film Gangster.

PUBLISHED ON APR 28, 2021 05:46 PM IST

Kangana Ranaut has said that she wasn’t on speaking terms with her father when she was offered Gangster, her debut film. But she needed his help in arranging for a passport, which she needed to travel to South Korea for the shoot.

Kangana in an interview on the film’s 15th anniversary has claimed that she didn’t even know what a passport was before she was told she’d need one.

Recalling how she was offered the film, she told a leading daily, “So the funniest thing happened. Before the shooting, we were supposed to go to Seoul, South Korea for the shoot and I was such a kid. The production boy came to the rented apartment I was staying at. He came and told me, ‘we want your passport and I replied ‘What is that? ‘. I didn’t know what a passport was.”

She said that director Anurag Basu called her to tell her that she might lose out on the film because of this. “That time I was not talking to my father, but I called him to ask about the passport. Mukesh (Bhatt) sir had called me and had the same reaction. He told me, ‘ Beta, tumhare pass passport nahi hai, kaha se aayi ho tum (You don’t have a passport, where have you come from)?”

Kangana said that she ‘pleaded’ with her father to get her passport process started, and during that time, the producers began auditioning other actors for the role. The passport eventually came through, but it erroneously didn’t include her second name.

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Kangana has told versions of this story before. Initially, she had said on Anupam Kher’s talk show that Chitrangda Singh had been cast in the role before her. Later, in an appearance on Aap Ki Adalat, she said that Anurag informed her that she hadn’t got the role after auditioning for it.

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