The ongoing pandemic and the recent surge in Covid-19 cases all over the country has got people worried again, including Kannada actor Yash, who admits that he is “fed up with this yet we all are optimistic”.

He notes, “We never thought there would be a day when we have to sit at home and do nothing. Human are like this, we need things to happen the way we want to happen. We are tuned (programmed) to live our life a certain way and if that is not happening then it is a problem. But nature, on the other hand, is different.”

Yash continues, “Not just cinema industry but a lot of people are going through a bad phase… there is no consistency in their incomes, plus there is psychological pressure. However, let’s hope [for a better tomorrow] and be positive. It should settle down. Eventually any pain has to end. Nothing is permanent. It has gone to an extent, but it has to…

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