karan johar

Karan Johar’s Instagram handle is filled with picture perfect moments from his life as a dad to twins Roohi and Yash. The cuties, who turned two early this month, have without a doubt brought love, happiness and completeness to the director’s life, but he admits, being a single parent is both “scary and daunting”.

Talking about juggling between parental roles in order not to deprive the two of any love, Karan opened up about children needing a mother and father in their upbringing. While acknowledging that many may think of his decision to have Yash and Roohi as ‘selfish’, he says he wanted all their love for himself. He added that there was a large empty space in his life, something that needed to be filled by children. The director also shared that while his babies call him ‘dada’, they don’t refer to Hiroo as ‘dadi’, but call her ‘mama’.

Spilling his heart out, he also revealed his fears about fulfilling their needs when his mother is no more, saying that although the thought scares him, he hopes he has all the love to give them.

Karan also spoke of his own upbringing and hopes to inculcate good values in his two kids.