Karanvir Bohra, like most celebrities, is regularly posting videos on social media amid the Covid-19 lockdown situation in the country. The actor has been sharing his experiences of self-isolation, while also giving a sneak-peek into his and his family’s daily life. 

So, is there a constant pressure to create content? “May be it is for others, but not for me,” pat comes the reply.

The 37-year-old, who has been sharing stuff about raising awareness about the situation as well as videos with his three-year-old twin daughters Bella and Vienna, further adds, “Others may think of it as a pressure because now there is nothing else to do than to be just on your phone. I, on the other hand, have always loved making videos; I used to do before as well. It is not a stress for me to do more of it now. If you are an actor or performer people need to see what you are doing to feel connected to you.” 

Meanwhile, since the lockdown which started on March 25, Bohra has started a new segment on his social media page, in which he does live sessions with celebrities to talk about the situation.

“It is also a way to keep the fans entertained. Also,we have to keep ourselves busy nahi toh dimaag phatt jaega,” he says.

Recently, filmmaker Farah Khan, in a video, urged celebs to stop posting workout videos saying, “most of us have bigger concerns during this crisis.” 

Bohra feels that Khan was right to call out those privileged people who have a gym at their house and help at home, so they don’t have to worry about anything but to keep themselves fit.

“I don’t have a gym in the house. I go up and down the stairs for workout. What she meant was that most people have to take care of kids and do household chores and not just work out in their gym to stay fit. She meant it for privileged ones, who have maids at home, things stacked up, all they have to do is chill in the house and go to their gym to work out,” he explains.

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