A Kartik Aaryan fan got the actor’s face tattooed on his chest. The fan also requested Kartik to take off the bandage from his new tattoo.

A video of actor Kartik Aaryan with his fan, who got Kartik’s face’s tattooed on his chest is doing rounds on internet. In the video, the fan can be seen requesting Kartik to take off the bandage from his tattoo.

A paparazzi’s account posted the video on Wednesday. The clip was captioned, “Greeted by a fan boy with a tattoo of the actor, @kartikaaryan ‘s fanbase is clearly beyond girls as boys are equally crazy for the star!”

In the video, a fan can be seen asking Kartik to remove a bandage from his chest. When Kartik removes it, a tattoo of Kartik’s face was revealed on his chest. Seeing the tattoo, Kartik says, “It’s amazing. Sahi lag raha hai yar. Kisne banaya hai (This looks good, who has made this)?” The fan then replies, “Tattoo…

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