Kate Nash has a knack for churning out ear worms about life’s simplest moments. But the British pop star’s twisty career these last 15 years has been anything but uncomplicated. In 2007, her debut album Made of Bricks topped the charts and hit song “Foundations” became the de facto choice for MySpace profile songs. When Nash’s second album failed to reach the same commercial success three years later, she was unceremoniously dropped by her label. Suddenly, Nash found herself alone, bankrupt, and abandoned by a community that had once put her on a pedestal.

But Nash is not one to ask, why me? “You can get back up when they’ve kicked you down,” she tells me now. “Just be good to people, and you’ll always have friends that help you when shit gets hard.” She agreed to participate in a documentary about her experience, landed gigs at Coachella and Lollapalooza, and…

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