Katrina Kaif was recently spotted at the Mumbai airport – she flew out of the city on Friday evening. The actor, who got married to Vicky Kaushal last month, opted for an all-black look for her travel. She paired black leather tights with an oversized hoodie and picked black sneakers to go with the look.

Katrina waved at the paparazzi before entering through the airport gates. A paparazzo video shared on Instagram showed that she went through proper safety protocols by getting her temperature checked at the gate. She was also seen wearing a black mask and a face shield.

In the comments section of the Instagram video, fans commented about Katrina’s ‘simplicity’. While one fan referred to her as ‘barbie doll’, another described her as a ‘queen.’ Another fan, echoing the sentiments of many others, wrote: “Gorgeous! That after marriage glow.” One fan also wanted to know…

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