Katy Perry found guilty of copying song Dark Horse from rapper

Katy Perry had been involved in a lawsuit where Christian rapper Marcus Gray who is also called as Flame accused her of copying his song, Joyful Noise. The song in question is Perry’s Dark Horse that was released in 2013. The song became an instant hit and even earned the singer several awards. Gray’s Joyful Noise was released back in 2008. The rapper filed a lawsuit against Perry claiming that the song was copied from his song and after a week-long trial, the court ruled in favour of the rapper. The decision was made on Monday and it proceeded to the damages phase where the singer might lose millions in penalties and royalties.

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A portal quoted Perry’s lawyer saying to the court, “They’re trying to own basic building blocks of music, the alphabet of music that should be available to everyone.” In fact, the singer’s team also said that Gray cannot claim copyright since both the beats of the songs are only common. Flame’s lawyers claimed that the artist copied a very important part of Joyful Noise in Dark Horse. “They’re trying to shove Mr Gray into some gospel music alleyway that no one ever visits,” as per Flame’s lawyer Michael A Kahn.

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The court also found six songwriters of Dark Horse liable. The court will decide today how much damage Perry owes to Flame and if the singer will be forfeited from any future earnings on the song. Rapper Juicy J had also contributed a verse to Dark Horse. Perry also claimed that she has never listened to Flame’s song before. Her legal team also added that any similarities that might come across between the tracks is nothing but coincidence.

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Dark Horse sold more than 13 million copies in 2013 and even raked in high views on YouTube and Vevo. It was, in fact, the first music video by a female artist to have gotten such high number of views. It had been reportedly watched over again approximately 2.6 billion times. Joyful Noise, on the other hand, has had close to 3.37 million views. Stay tuned with us for more updates.