Korean boy band BTS is currently at the top of its game. Even though the members are experimenting with their solo albums, the K-pop boy band remains to be one of the most favourite of all. RM, Jungkook, Suga, V, Jimin, J-Hope and Jin remain to receive unconditional support from their fans known as ARMY. Recently, the band head Kim Namjoon aka RM released his solo album named Indigo and within a day, it has become a massive hit. The song Wild Flower has got everyone’s attention as he has expressed all of his feeling and desires in the song. Also Read – Indigo: RM aka Kim Namjoon’s solo album leaves ARMY emotional; lyrics of Change Pt2 make fans wonder if he suffered serious heartbreak

RM’s Indigo is a hit

Well, album Indigo has managed to achieve an enormous feat. in one day. The song Wild Flower has managed to rank at number one position on the Regional iTunes ‘Top Song’ chart…

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