BTS members do not fail to surprise. Today, Kim Taehyung did a short VLive just out of the blue. He did it from his home. The vocalist said that he missed ARMY. He also said that Kim Seokjin aka Jin Hyung had contacted them from the military. He stated that he is doing good and working hard in the ARMY base. Fans became emotional hearing this. It seems Kim Taehyung had his friends over for an evening of gaming. He said that it would look rude if he had an extended V Live session while his friends were there. ARMY has got one more surprise. Also Read – BTS: Jimin departs Paris after the Dior show; France airport steps up security for the VIBE singer; ARMY super impressed with security team

They noticed that Jungkook was singing in the background. As we know, JK has been missing from social media ever since he returned home from FIFA 2022. He was the only big celeb to perform at…

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