Koena Mitra has said that she has faced ‘nepotism and groupism’ in the film industry. In a new interview, she also opened up about facing flak for talking about her plastic surgery.

“I agree that nepotism and groupism exist in the film industry. I have faced all kinds of behaviour. There was a time when I got a big break, despite being an outsider. On the other hand, when I need them the most, no one from the industry stood up for me. I will always have this complaint against the industry that they did not speak for me openly,” Koena Mitra told Aaj Tak in an interview.

The actor added that she does not regret her plastic surgery. “Whatever it was, it was my decision. It is my face and my life, why should people have a problem with that?” she concluded.

She added, “When I came here, I did not know that one must not speak about one’s surgery. Someone asked me, and I talked about my…

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