Da-da-doo-doot-n, just dance! Lady Gaga’s longtime choreographer Richy Jackson couldn’t help but gush over the star’s upcoming Las Vegas residency an exclusive interview with Us Weekly.

Calling it “unique” and something that has “never been done before,” the dancer explained: “I love to create, I love to reinvent, I love to try something new. The pressure isn’t [that] if I’m afraid I can’t do it. The pressure’s just, ‘How best can we do it? How best can I do it?’ That excites me. Let me say this … Gaga herself will always appear. It’s just how we do it is where the difference lies. She’ll always appear. She’s Gaga. She’s Lady Gaga.”

“She’s a movie star right now,” Jackson told Us. “We’re seeing [Gaga] act and, in my opinion, this is different from what she’s done with American Horror Story. This is just another level she’s on. We’re in Ally right now. We’re in A Star is Born right now, [Gaga’s] a theater kid, so acting was part of her repertoire, part of her thing. I don’t know if she ever thought it’d become like this. I feel like it was in the stars and it was inevitable. As an artist, she’s always changing and sort of morphing into another vibe.” 

Lady Gaga Enigma opens on December 28 at Park Theater, Park MGM, in Las Vegas.