Ease into the month, Leo, and conserve your solar power. Your true time to shine doesn’t start until three weeks into July. The Sun is making its annual sojourn through Cancer until July 22, casting its rays across your twelfth house of rest, healing and closure. You might be a bit sleepier than usual, or you could crave a (well-deserved) retreat. Use this dreamy time to tie up loose ends, engage in creative or imagination-fueled tasks and complete lingering projects. Do some behind-the-scenes work rather than seeking the spotlight.

The silver (really, golden) lining of this? You’ll have a clean slate in time for Leo season, which starts on July 22. Wouldn’t you rather celebrate your birthday without that mountain of unfinished tasks dogging you? By the time the Leo new moon arrives on July 28, you’ll be ready to launch into your personal new year and say…

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