Having difficulty processing everything happening around amid the worsening Covid-19 crisis, Madhuri Dixit Nene is trying to stay calm by spending time with her family, being there for her friends, and dancing. “You have to keep your spirits up, keep your faith and do everything necessary,” the actor says.

She has been at home ever since the shoot of her dance reality show got stalled due to the shutdown in Maharashtra, and recently got the second dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

“Every citizen should do what is necessary to keep this virus at bay. So, we are doing a lot of hand sanitising, wearing masks, social distancing. We haven’t met our friends for a long time,” she says, adding that even when she was on the sets, she was “sanitising hands all the time”.

Dixit also stresses on the importance of wearing masks the right way. “It’s not only to protect yourself, but others as well because you can be a carrier, you can give it (to others) without having any symptoms. So, it’s very important to wear a mask, and to wear it the right way,” asserts the actor, further asserting that if everyone decides to take responsibility, we can fight this virus and spiking numbers.

“There’s an off chance that you do everything, and you still get it, but you have to keep the spirits high, keep encouraging other people, and keep saying that there’s light at the end of this tunnel,” shares the 53-year-old, adding that the ongoing crisis in the country is “so bad that it’s heartbreaking to see the kind of problems, agony and loss that everybody is facing”.

However, the Kalank (2019) actor is glad that she is with her family during these uncertain times.

“My kids are home, my mom and my husband. We’re spending as much time together as possible. We’re looking at the brighter side, and trying to give each other the support that we need. My son will go to college this year. So, I’m spending time with him, doing simple things like cooking or jamming together,” says Dixit mother of two, who also makes sure to check on her friends.

“Basically making sure that everybody is okay, and if they need help,” she adds.

Doing her bit in helping people keep their spirits high and stay active indoors, she is also spearheading an initiative — united by dance — through her online dance academy Dance with Madhuri.

She tells us, “On International Dance Day (April 29), we’re starting this so that people get to do something creative. They’re looking for some sort of an escape, and it’s a direction to do something that keeps their spirits up, and health in check. People, who’re stuck in their houses, will look forward to the little brightness in their lives, where they can see other people.”

For Bollywood’s ‘dhak dhak’ girl, dancing is a spiritual thing. “I love dancing, it keeps me fit. It’s a great form of exercise. It keeps the blood pumping. In fact, dancing is also great for mental health,” she ends.

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