Masaba Gupta has said that celebrities are privileged to have an entourage that helps them maintain a disciplined daily routine and fitness regime. Talking about it on Shilpa Shetty’s fitness chat show, Shape Of You, the fashion designer-actor said she has five people handing over water to her. (Also read: Masaba Gupta shares selfie with Shehnaaz Gill)

After Masaba shared her routine, Shilpa said Masaba decided to have a disciplined life to maintain her fitness. Masaba then said, “When you look at a celebrity’s body and think of following a celebrity’s routine, you forget their entourage. They have three people to hand over water.”

Shilpa asked if she was talking about herself as well, and she nodded, before adding, “Yes, totally. That is what I am talking about. We are privileged and we should be open about it. People ask me ‘what do you’ and I tell them, ‘I have five people…

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