Another interesting rumor to report to you all today, with this one found buried within the last one we reported. Here, we have actor Michael B. Jordan potentially moving into the director’s chair, and not just for any project, either. No, Jordan could be in line to helm the next installment of the Creed franchise, if a producer is to be believed. Beyond just knowing that Creed 3 is likely to be moving forward at some point, this gives it yet another interesting tie-in to the Rocky series, as star Sylvester Stallone took over directing the sequels last time around, too (in addition to writing the screenplays for basically the entirety of the franchise). Read on for more…

According to Deadline, Jordan is at least considering taking on the gig, in addition to starring. Back in February, reports had Zach Baylin being hired to write the script for Creed 3, so there’s movement happening here. If Jordan signs on to direct as well, that will be something. For now, it’s just a rumor, but it may well be an announcement just waiting to happen. Jordan is a talented actor, so possibly turning into a talented filmmaker wouldn’t be much of a surprise. A Jordan helmed Creed 3 sounds pretty appealing, if I do say so myself. Sit tight!

Here’s what was buried within their other story:

While MGM is working on a Creed sequel that Michael B Jordan is considering to direct, and a new creative team is aggressively building a promising slate, Bond remains MGM’s crown jewel.

Stay tuned for more…

(Source: Deadline)

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