Mika Singh argues with journalist who questioned him for performing in Pakistan

MUMBAI:  Singer Mika Singh on Wednesday engaged in an argument with a journalist in the press conference where the ban on the singer was revoked.

“I went there only when the government issued the visa,” the singer said when he was asked as to why he went to Pakistan for a performance.

Irritated by the journalist, he said: “Nobody raises a voice when other artists perform. An attempt is being made to garner publicity in my name.”

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“Two months ago, singers Neha Kakkar and Atif Aslam performed in Pakistan. Why did not you say anything then? Before that, Sonu Nigam and Atif also performed,” he added.

The singer also complained that “Indian singers do not get work while Pakistani singers don’t miss the opportunity.”

Besides, the singer also said that fake organisation has troubled him a lot in this matter and he asked the media to support the right people.