Monica O My Darling Review {3.0/5} & Review Rating

MONICA O MY DARLING is the story of a man who gets entangled in a conspiracy. Satyanarayan Adhikari (Vijay Kenkre) heads the Unicorn group, based in Pune. It has created a state-of-the-art robot, with the help of Jayant Arkhedkar (Rajkummar Rao). Satyanarayan is so happy with his work that he promotes him to the board of directors, much to the annoyance of Nishikant Adhikari (Sikandar Kher), Satyanarayan’s son. Satyanarayan has one more child – daughter Nikki (Akansha Ranjan Kapoor) – and she’s in love with Jayant. Jayant doesn’t love her but is dating her so that he can marry her and then one day, usurp the Unicorn empire. Monica Machado (Huma S Qureshi) works in Unicorn and Jayant gets attracted to her. They have a fling. One day, Monica informs Jayant that she is pregnant with his child and that he should pay the…

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