MTV Splitsvilla X2: Sunny Leone, Rannvijay Singha’s new avatar

Sunny and Rannvijay Singha are all set to give youngsters a chance to find love through Splitsvilla X2. Starting tonight, the dating reality show will see 16 boys and 10 girls competing to find their perfect partners.

What’s new about Splitsvilla X2?

Sunny: The contestants are new, we are not (laughs). We shot it a different location and the craziness will definitely be very new. We just give these contestants some situations and what they create out of it is just amazing.

MTV Splitsvilla X2: Sunny Leone, Rannvijay Singha’s new avatar

Rannvijay: Splitsvilla X2 is your best shot at love. The youngsters in this generation don’t know how to find love. They are so involved in social media and dating apps. So it’s interesting to see them put in a situation where they have to physically connect with each other to know more about the people they like. Also, this year, we have had a very diverse and interesting bunch of contestants. If I can say, it was a very ‘visphotak’ batch.

While the contestants get to learn a lot from you both, is there anything you learnt from them?

Sunny: Lots of ‘gaalis’ and words that I never even knew existed. There are so many things you get to see and learn from them.

Rannvijay: What I really find intriguing is that they are very different from the time we were young and dating or seeing people. The generation is overexposed to information. They no more ask normal things as they already know it from their social media pages. Cyberstalking has become a really important part of their dating lives. Also, they are really ready for things, even on a reality show and it’s amazing to see them.