Neha Dhupia plays the role of a working mother in Jyoti Kapur Das’ directorial Good Morning for Amazon Mini Tv. Much like the title, the film revolves around a single day in the life of Anagha who deals with challenges at work and home, involving her kids. Hindustan Times recently had a quick chat with the actor ahead of the release.

The film sparks discussion about the thin line between parents guiding their kids and controlling their lives. Neha, who is vocal about juggling her acting profession while also being a mother to her children-Mehr and Guriq, feels, “I think there’s a line that really needs to be defined. Expectations should be narrowed down to the fact that you cannot have children because you want them to live your dream. They are supposed to have their own dreams and be able to live them.”

“When you are raising your children, giving them a great value system…

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