Never felt beautiful, makeup gave me wings to fly: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is the latest celebrity who is all set to launch her very own beauty line soon. The Grammy winning singer was also on the cover of Allure Magazine’s October edition where she talked about her deeper connection with cosmetics and her journey from watching her mother apply them to doing her own makeup.

Gaga talked about how she thought of herself as ugly for a long time when she was young. “I never felt beautiful and have days when I still don’t,” she said talking about her insecurities of being bullied when she was younger come right back up to bite her. “Then I put makeup on and before I know it I feel this superhero within. It gives me those wings to fly,” she revealed to the magazine about her journey with makeup.

lady gaga

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One person who helped her go from Stefani Germanotta (her real name) to Lady Gaga, was her makeup artist Sarah Tanno who would literally pick Gaga up form the floor when she cried. “Sarah would pick me up off the floor, sit me in a chair, dry my tears and say, ‘I’m going to put on your face now.’ If I cried while she was putting on my makeup, I would apologise and she would say, ‘It’s okay, I’ve got you.”

Gaga went on to talk about how her team encouraged her to step out and do her thing on stage. “That’s the power of glam for me. And I want this line to be for the person at home who needs a pick-me-up. If they use it or don’t use it they can at least look at it and go, ‘That’s what helps Lady Gaga shine on her bad days. And I want to shine today.'”

Clearly, Gaga has a long history with makeup and beauty which is extremely inspiring. Are you excited to get your hands on her products? Comment below and let us know.