After speculations and internet frenzy about her tying the knot secretly, the “amused” actor clears the air

For some actors, relationships or movie offers make buzz, but for actor Tanishaa Mukerji, her toe ring did the job. On Tuesday, Mukerji, who is in Goa currently, posted a picture of her feet with toe rings, which left the internet users wondering if the actor had tied the knot secretly. Many comments mentioned that toe rings are an essential ornament that married woman adorn. An “amused” Mukerji was not “aware” of all the conjectures spinning on the net, courtesy of being in a no network area.

“I like wearing toe rings and I thought it looked good. That’s why, I took a picture and posted it. There’s nothing more to it. Do I need to justify my fashion sense to people? (laughs)” questions Mukerji.

The picture that Tanishaa posted (Instagram)
The picture that Tanishaa posted (Instagram)

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