Parineeti Chopra has penned a long note to cheer for her brother Sahaj Chopra who recently opened a restaurant in Faridabad. She shared it with pictures of herself relishing a stumptous spread. 

She wrote, “We grew up eating the best Punjabi food and were never satisfied at any restaurant. The dal wasn’t makhni enough, the butter chicken was too sweet, and the food was just plain oily and tasteless. Sahaj decided it was time to create that taste we were constantly looking for. Just. Yummy. Food. Well, it’s here. @theolddelhi.”

Sharing more of her emotions on savouring the North Indian food, she added, “OMG – I am so proud of you for creating this masterpiece. And masterpiece is an understatement …This is the tastiest food I have ever eaten. The dal melts in your mouth, the biryani is spicy and yummy you can’t figure it out! The paneer is so soft you don’t have to…

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