BTS Jimin is going places with his latest single Vibe with Taeyang impressing everyone to being announced as the Global Ambassador for Dior and upcoming album and more. Jimin had been lying low for a major part of the latter 2022 and that’s because he has been working on his solo album diligently. Jimin’s new interview with W Korea has grabbed the attention of the ARMY. Well, the BTS ARMY misses their Chimchim and are eagerly looking forward to his album. One of the questions that Jimin answered will leave y’all teary-eyed. Also Read – BTS: Park Jimin is not just an amazing dancer, singer but also a big time FLIRT and THIS video is proof [Watch]

Jimin opens up on what has stayed with him

Park Jimin aka Jimin is one of the BTS members that has been trending in Hollywood News a lot lately. In his interview with W Korea, Jimin was asked about any words that have stuck with him,…

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