Actor Payal Ghosh is working mostly via social media on all the requests that she is getting fro Covid patients. And she and her team are personally verifying all information before passing it over to those in need.

By Juhi Chakraborty

PUBLISHED ON APR 30, 2021 09:17 AM IST

For actor Payal Ghosh, it has been a busy few days as she is actively involved in arranging for hospital beds, oxygen cylinders in the Delhi-NCR region primarily. But working on ground zero has made her realise how more and more celebrities who are well-placed with contacts need to help people in crisis.

“A crisis like this shows who our real heroes are. This is not the time to remain silent. No help is small. It is a humanitarian crisis out there. More than that on the humanity ground, we must help each other, this matters more than money right now. It is time for the big stars with big contacts to come forward and pitch in. I would like to request people who are in a much better position than me to please come forward and help with your contact. The state government and central government cannot do this alone in such a crisis of this scale,” says Ghosh.

The actor is working mostly via social media and is getting many requests. She is working together with her team to personally verify all the information before passing it over to those in need.

“I am not following all social media posts blindly. I have volunteers who are verifying the information that is there on social media and authenticating that. I am speaking to medical professionals as well to know about bed availabilities,” she adds.

Besides Delhi-NCR, the actor is also working on requests from West Bengal and Maharashtra.

“I am mostly working for Delhi-NCR because it is the worst situation right now. People are roaming around all night long and not getting beds. So that is what the team is doing. I am connected with Sonu Sood’s team and when I have any query which I am not able to fulfil, I am informing them and they are also getting back to me. We are all in this together and making it happen,” Ghosh shares.


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