This lockdown has given everyone a lot of time to think and reflect on their lives and actor Jasmin Bhasin is one of them. She has realised that her work keeps her happy and reconnecting with extended family and friends has given her perspective about what is important. “Other and cooking and cleaning, my stress buster is spending time with my pets and grooming them. I am also proud that I can bake now,” she shares


Post an unprecedented lockdown for almost two months, everyone is coping in their own way but Bhasin points out that one can’t gauge the mental state of a person through their social media posts. “A lot of people are frustrated, irritated sitting at home. An idle mind leads to negative thoughts and affects our mental health. We actors are worried about our work and future but worrying is not going to help us. One must try to stay positive,” Bhasin says.

The Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji actor doesn’t mind the celebs posts doing home chores as “it is relatable to fans”. She adds. “The jhadu, pocha, bartan videos aren’t weird because fans love to see everything about their favourite stars. We are all helping at home, which is necessary and there is nothing wrong about it. They prove we all are connected in some way and in the least, they are keeping our fans entertained and happy.”


Bhasin admits that she is prepared for a whole new world post lockdown. Talking about the film, TV and web series production work adapting to the new normal in the post lockdown period, the Dil Se Dil Tak actor says, “Post lockdown period, not just shoots, I think the world is going to change in many ways. In shootings, maybe Covid-19 test results will be mandatory, social distancing will be the norm, as will controlling manpower. We will have to adapt to a lot. Social distancing won’t end with the COVID-19 crisis but will stay with us and will become part of life.”

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