Writer and Censor Board chief Prasoon Joshi, on Saturday, talked about the recent spate of box office disappointments the Hindi film industry has produced. He said that the film industry cannot adopt a ‘victim mindset’ and must instead look for ways to get past this slump. He also spoke about why most Bollywood films are flopping. Also read: Rakul Preet on notion that South cinema has ‘killed’ Bollywood

The Hindi film industry, by and large, has not had a very productive 2022. Many big-budget films featuring the top stars have tanked at the box office. This has happened, despite the fact that films from south have done well, sometimes even in the Hindi belt. Many Hindi films have also faced boycott calls in this time. This has led to many speculating that Bollywood is ‘dead’.

Speaking at Sahitya Aaaj Tak 2022 on Saturday, Prasoon said this has happened because the industry…

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