Actor Preeti Jhangiani opens up about the disruptions that have once again surfaced amid the rise in cases, and Omicron scare. She asserts that it is essential to follow all the new rules and restrictions.

Covid-19 worries have surged with the rise in Omicron cases, just as he entire world was hoping for a semblance of normalcy. Actor Preeti Jhangiani says that people should be extra cautious to avoid the third wave.

“I support the government in all it’s endeavours to nip the Omicron variant in the bud. It is important that we follow all the new rules and restrictions so that it does not turn into an uncontrolled pandemic again and affects life and economy in India,” Jhangiani tells us, adding, “It (rise in cases) has already impacted some films as the night shows which will not happen because of the new curbs. But mostly if we are all careful, the film industry will not be…

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